NOVEMBER 13, 2014

Emmanuel Tolulope is from Ogun State in Nigeria and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Lagos. Emmanuel is a tech entrepreneur and founded two startups Fiendzdiary and Jobine, which were merged to form the startup Termii, where he is Chief Executive Officer.

Emmanuel is also the Vice-chairman of Termii Webtech Limited a privately managed limited liability company, which runs a number of startups and startup projects like Termii, Toba, His Gifted Hands, Wolexisblog, Moyi, ingeniusyouth, Uol, Hairdo, and United Voice.

Emmanuel is also the Chief Technology Officer and Front End Team Head of Liwit Investment capital, owned by Nigeria’s foremost serial entrepreneur Oreoluwa Ogundipe.

1. How did you hear about the bus? What made you want to get on board?

Normally I am up to date on tech and entrepreneurship news all over Africa and I spend at least four hours a day going through news, events and updates on Africa’s entrepreneurship scene. One day I stumbled upon Ampion and without thinking twice I said I must join the bus. I love adventure, tech, design, development, entrepreneurship, meetups and creating exceptional solutions to obvious problems. Ampion to me was the best place to experience this all in one.

2. What are you hoping to get out of this trip? What are your expectations? 

One word “ingenuity.” I don’t just want to go on a tour or visit cities, I want to experience the technology in these cities, I want to touch the ideas dormant in different minds… I want to explore the ingenuity and creativity that would be birthed in the venture bus. So I expect to feel, touch and experience ideas turned into solutions for a greater technological ecosystem in west Africa and in the world at large.

3. What are three things that motivate you?

Hope (seeing something or an idea and having that feeling that something great is coming forth).

Faith (Having absolute drive and belief that what is seen can and is a one step away from reality).

Commitment (Owing up to responsibilities and pouring out all it takes to see something through despite all odds).

4. What’s the most exciting/proudest/interesting thing you’ve done to date? 

Starting up my first registered and trademarked technology company with a firm drive to succeed and being a part of a strong board of directors who are positioned to see the company through. I must say it’s important to me because the journey was rough and I started it when I was in my fourth year at the University of Lagos.

5. What next? What are your plans? (Do you have any future ventures/ideas/projects you’re working on?)

Yes… I am working on a mobile app decider for hair styling, which is a major problem in the community and country where I live in. My company is also rolling out a new version of its product Termii, which came as a result of complaints, feedback and ideas from all our previous users and investors. Then I am working on two major projects one for Litwit Capital, which is a government-oriented application and another for my company, which is a university oriented web application.

Emmanuel is participating in the AMPION Venture Bus.

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