NOVEMBER 15, 2014

Rise and Shine. We can hear the sound of a rooster greeting us with a friendly; ‘Good Morning AMPIONeers’.

Its 5:00h in the morning and our entire hotel complex is quiet except for the light clicking of dozens of keyboards.

We are a little less than four hours from our first Pitch session. As the previous night was our first night of bed-rest, the entire AMPION team decided to at least enjoy the luxury of a bed for a few hours before preparing for the presentations to a panel of judges on the campus of the University of Botswana.

As our teams refined our presentations, everyone was anxious for the AMPION VentureBus to honk its horn and signal to us that it was finally showtime so we could say; “Not yet, we are still working”.

However, 8:30h arrived and we grudgingly boarded the bus in the hopes that their was heavy traffic between our overnight accommodation and the University. Of course, we arrived promptly to the campus of the University of Botswana and was kindly welcomed by one of its stellar Computer Science Professors and given a brief tour of the campus before being escorted to the auditorium where we would be giving our pitch.


Image. A Tour of the University of Botswana for the AMPIONeers

Upon arrival, we realized that each team had (3) minutes to present and (5) minutes for Q&A regarding the venture idea their team developed only the day before. Hence, naturally we were nervous.


Image. AMPIONeers preparing to pitch at the University of Botwana
However, despite the time limit, I believe everyone exceeded the audiences expectations considering the wide breadth of the ideas presented for the education sector to agriculture. Upon the completion of the last pitch, it was back to the AMPION Venture Bus for an official workday for the AMPION at the offices of the Botswana Innovation Lab.


Image. AMPIONeers from Zimbabwe posing at the Botswana Innovation Lab

While at the lab, the judges provided us with valuable feedback on our ideas, business models, and presentations alongside our AMPION Mentors. As we worked until well past nightfall, in an attempt to make the most of the WiFi available in the Botswana Innovation Lab before returning to our unconnected AMPION Bus, it was time to call it a day.

This would be our last night in Botswana, as we boarded the bus and spent the rest of the evening traveling to our next destination; Namibia.

Netia 🙂


A Guest Blog Contribution by Netia A. McCray, Founder and Executive Director of Mbadika

AMPION 2014 – Southern Africa Bus Tour Participant


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