Jump on a bus with 45 people you have never met… with every single one of them just as passionate about startups and technology as you are!
Then travel up to five countries in just 7 days, visit the most innovative tech HUBs and meet the most talented serial entrepreneurs in the world’s fastest growing mobile markets. Oh, and build your own startup along the way!

Sounds like your kind of event? Then we want you on the Ampion Venture Buses 2015 – apply now!


Africa is still a bit of a dark horse in the economic world. Many have vaguely heard the region is somehow growing, few know the IT & mobile markets on the continent are growing as fast as never before and only a handful realize they can actually invest and build sustainable startups on the continent.

In 2015, Sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP is expected to grow at 4.5%, making it the world’s fastest growing economic zone, outpacing Asia’s regional average of 4.3%. Over the next five years, Sub-Saharan Africa’s share of global GDP will more than double, says the economist. The Venture Bus will bring you to up to five countries on the continent in just one week.

In 2015 the Venture Bus is travelling five regions all across the African continent, bringing 200 selected participants to 14 African countries between September and December!

Find out more about each route:

Moroccobus (apply)

12th-19th September 2015: The first Venture Bus is heading for Morocco, the newest addition to the AMPION Venture buses. There is plenty of funding opportunities found here where organizations such as the Maroc Numeric Fund invest with institutional funds of $11m USD into the Moroccan startup scene. The OCP (Office Chérifien des Phosphates), the world’s largest exporter of phosphate, is already cooperating with many local experts and stakeholders such as Startup Maroc, Endeavor Morocco, Mowgli Mentoring, and Réseau Maroc Entreprendre. Now they’re looking to work with the Ampion Venture Bus – and with you! This is a trip of a lifetime with the bus visiting tech HUBs & startup communities across the country (Sidi Ifni – Taliouine – Ouarzazate – Marrakesch – Ben Guerir – Khouribga – Casablanca). The Grand Final will take place at the Shape Africa Conference in Rabat, organized by the World Economic Forum: Global Shapers. It will be the biggest tech conference in the country in 2015!

West Africa (apply)IMG_20141111_122644

17th-23th September 2015: West Africa is home to Africa’s biggest tech market: Nigeria. Ampion is cooperating with leading financial institutes, the Open Society Institute and Transparency International and encourages you to work on fin-tech and governance related startups. The Venture Bus will roll out in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) to drive to Cape Coast and Accra (both Ghana), Lomé (Togo) and Cotonou (Benin) and visit all major HUBs in the region such as ispace and ccHUB! Here, tailored events will get participants in touch with local investors and serial entrepreneurs.  The Grand Final is incorporated in the largest pitching competition on the continent: DEMOAfrica!

East Africa (apply)DSCN5139

22nd-28th October 2015: East Africa is home to some of the fastest growing tech-markets world-wide like Kenya. Nairobi’s BRCK raised $1.2M in seed funding last year and more than 100k via kickstarter. Leading companies and foundations world-wide are investing in East African innovation. AIn this bus, Ampion cooperates with German pharmaceutical company Merck. Company representatives will encourage the enthusiastic participants on e-health related startups, ready to invest should your idea show potential. The Venture Bus will start in Dar es Salaam, passing Arusha (both Tanzania), Nairobi, Kisumu (both Kenya), Kampala (Uganda) and ending in Kigali (Rwanda). In East Africa, Minister of Youth and ICT Jean Philbert Nsengimana personally invited AMPION to attend and pitch at the Transform Africa Summit in Kigali. Here you can expect to meet renowned and highly esteemed jury members and guests at the East African Grand Final.

Southern Africa (apply)Blog addition

12th-19th November 2015: Southern Africa is where it all started: In 2013, the first Venture Bus in Africa travelled from Harare, Zimbabwe to Cape Town, South Africa. . The well-established startup ecosystem in Southern Africa increases the chances of a quick market entry for startups developed on the Venture Bus. The focus of the 2015 South Africa Bus is on Agricultural Hardware with applicants provided the chance to get in touch with local tech and “maker space” communities to present, discuss and work on their innovation. The trek starts in Windhoek (Namibia), will pass by Gaborone (Botswana), Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Beaufort (all South Africa). You’ll visit the creative Fablab Namibia and participate at a special event at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in Jo’burg. The final day will culminate in no less than a pitch at Africa’s biggest IT-Convention, AfricaCOM in Cape Town, which will bring in 300+ speakers from the worlds most esteemed tech companies – ready to listen to your startup’s pitch!

Tunisia (apply)IMG_7908

12th-18th December 2015:  Tunisia is a young democracy with a lot of ambition – investment opportunities for tech startups are on a historical all-time high in the country. This year Ampion is launching a new initiative in for female empowerment in Tunisia. This means all participants on the Venture Bus will be female entrepreneurs. #womenintech This is a first for AMPION and we are excited because in Tunisia, there is a general feeling of dynamism and positivity towards entrepreneurship. The trip starts in Tunis, visiting Kairouan, Touzeur, Gabes, Sfax and Hammamet to finally have its Grand Final back in Tunis, at the renowned business school ESPRIT. The Tunisian Venture Bus in 2014 was a big success, so expect the locals to welcome you with open arms and to be highly interested in cooperating with you on your startup innovation.

Don’t forget to send us your application today! We hope to see you on board of the Venture Buses 2015!


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