The Venture Bus in Morocco – Day 1

On 12th of September, participants from all around the world had arrived in the Hotel Rihab in Agadir to attend the Ampion Venture Bus which is held in Morocco this year for the first time. After everybody got accommodated and received an AMPION T-shirt, the bus took off for its first trip. Even though it took only 15 minutes to arrive in the first destination the excitement and entrepreneurial spirit were floating in the air when the participants networked with each other and the mentors on board.

The kickoff event was hosted by the Université Internationale d’Agadir where Fabian Guhl introduced AMPION and its programs to the participants and gave them a brief overview of the curriculum of the bus. Afterwards, Aline Mayard (Co-founder of The Blue House) and Younes Qassimi (Co-founder of The Nexties) spoke about their personal experiences of entrepreneurship in Morocco, followed by Mehdi Berrada (Co-founder of alto|Solution) who gave insights to the green technology in Morocco.

When a short break was over, the hard work have started for the participants. The ices were broken by fun team-building activities where participants got to know each other, their innovative ideas, and passions and already started to look for their future business partners.

Check out the video here!

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