The Venture Bus in Morocco – Day 2

The second day of the Morocco Venture Bus started by a journey from Agadir through the Argan forest to Taliouine in the rural areas. The participants worked with mentors on board to explore problems and needs of local communities in Morocco which they will address in the next days with their solutions.  The Migrations & Développement together with Forum Des Initiatives Des Jeunes welcomed the Venture Bus with its crew in the Maison De Développement in the center of the city. After lunch, locals gathered in the conference room where Fabian Guhl together with Ifeanyi Oteh introduced Ampion and some of the participants had an opportunity to pitch their initial ideas for their own companies. This way, they received a valuable feedback from the locals on how to improve and address the needs better.

The workshop on basic design thinking principles and the focus on problem/need was held by one of the mentors Wolfgang von Geramb (Founder of Robinizers) after which the teams presented the relevant problems for Morocco to be tackled in the future and posted them to the Problem Marketplace where every individual picked 1 problem they are focusing on during the Venture Bus trip. The final teams formed around the problems and continued discussing them during an amazing traditional Moroccan dinner at the Auberge Askaoun Hotel in Taliouine – the city of saffron.

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