The Venture Bus Morocco – Day 5

Early in the morning of the day 5 the Venture bus departed Marrakech with a new mentor on board Marina Ross, who came to support the teams with her entrepreneurial expertise with technology startups. On the way to Safi, the crew visited the Green Energy Park where IRESEN presented their projects and activities to participants and show them the newest green technology which is being put into use in Morocco. The participants had an opportunity to ask question and many exchanged business cards for future collaboration.

Amazing weather as well as the partners from École nationale des sciences appliquées de Safi were awaiting for the Venture Bus in Safi. Together with ENACTUS, Ampion held an event where people had an opportunity to ask questions about the Venture bus program and Hatem EL-SHAMMAA held a workshop on how to pitch an idea in Arabic for the local students. At the same time, participants worked on their ideas and some of them volunteered to pitch to the students as part of their preparation process for the final event. The pitches were a great success since local partners showed interest in future collaboration with the participants and business partnerships were discussed. After a productive day, the Venture Bus crew spent night in the Atlantique Panorama 4*.

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